Leaflet and/or poster distributor

Skills and experience required:

  • Ability to work independently
  • Good verbal communication skills (when delivering posters)
  • Whilst a driving licence is not necessary, the volunteer would need to be able to travel to the sanctuary to pick up the leaflets and posters.

How this helps the SAA:

It costs the SAA over £400 per day to remain open and continue looking after the dogs, cats and rabbits in our care. To help us raise much needed funds, and promote our work to the local community, we organise regular onsite fundraising events. These events help us raise funds through public donations, but also promote our message and advertise our animals who are looking for their forever home. By distributing leaflets and posters to the local community, you will be promoting our fundraising events, ensuring they are well-attended and a financial success.

What does this role involve?

Events are held once a month between March and November every year. Leaflets need to be picked up from the sanctuary and distributed no later than one week prior to an event. Leaflet distribution will be through the post boxes of local homes. A volunteer may prefer to deliver posters; this involves going into local shops and businesses and asking if posters can be displayed (for free). If you have the ability to print posters/leaflets, they can also be emailed to you.

Leaflets and posters can be distributed in areas local and convenient to you.

Time commitment required:

This role can be very flexible; even a few hours every month is helpful.

How will we support you:

Your contact will be the SAA fundraiser, who will provide you with details of events and update you on posters/leaflets to be distributed.

What you can gain from volunteering with the SAA:

  • The experience of using your time to help promote the SAA, supporting the animals in our care.