Online Seller

Skills and experience required:

  • Good written communication skills
  • Experience of using Ebay and/or Facebook
  • Ability to work independently

Role: Volunteer Ebay and/or Facebook seller

How this helps the SAA:

It costs the SAA over £400 per day to remain open and continue looking after the dogs, cats and rabbits in our care. To help us raise much needed funds, we take in donated items such as clothes, DVDs and books which we sell through different means, including online.

What does this role involve?

Donated items are received at the sanctuary on a daily basis. You will visit the sanctuary to identify and photograph some items to sell on Ebay or through Facebook community groups. You will arrange for the postage of smaller items, or for the pick-up of larger items from the sanctuary.

You will need your own Ebay (or Facebook) account and access to a digital camera.

Time commitment required:

Flexible; most of this work can be done from home at your convenience. We ask that you visit the sanctuary once a month to identify new items to sell.

How will we support you:

Your contact will be a senior Ebay volunteer, who will explain the selling process and provide you with support and information as required.

What you can gain from volunteering with the SAA:

  • The experience of using your skills and abilities to raise funds for the SAA, supporting the animals in our care.