Thank You!


Vets4pets (Altrincham and Stockport), Ashleigh Veterinary Centre (Chorlton) and Pet Medics (Hospital) – for being our veterinary partners

Cats Protection – for providing low cost neutering vouchers for us to help people within the community who are caring for and neutering feral colonies and strays and those on low incomes.

Sainburys Sale & Altrincham branches and Morrison’s Denton – for their in store food collection stations

Robin Wolfenden – for taking lovely photos of our animals, see his work at

Recent Grants, Trusts & Donations

A BIG ‘thank you’ to the following organisations, who are helping us achieve our dreams:

Petplan charitable trust in conjunction with C4’s Animal rescue live fund have awarded us a grant of £4250 towards 2020 vet bills

Support Adoption for Pets have awarded us a grant of £10,000 to help pay off our 2019 vets bills


Petplan – Our Petplan rescue partnership means that each animal adopted from us is provided with four weeks’ free Petplan insurance, and we get a donation each time a policy is continued after that.

Royal Canin – Thanks to their loyalty scheme we are able to provide vouchers to our adopters for free bags of cat food, and for each voucher redeemed we get points towards bags of food for our own animals.

Mars – The Adoption Mission iniative has provided a valuable supply of support and knowledge for the team here, as well as food donations for the animals.