Boarding Rabbits 3

Bunny Boarding

Planning on going away? Need a place for your bunny friends to stay? Why not bring them to us for their own little vacation in our purpose built indoor accommodation? We have a team of experienced staff to care for your bunnies whilst you are away.  We can administer medications and take care of any special requirements your bunny has. If you have any queries you are welcome to come and have a look around and discuss your needs.

  • All bunnies must be FULLY vaccinated against Myxo and VHD. From the 1st January 2017 they will also need to be vaccinated against the new strain of VHD2.
  • Proof of vaccination is required on arrival so don’t forget your vaccination cards with you.
  • Bring along your bunnies dry food and any toys (we supply unlimited hay and greens once a day included in the price but if your bunnies have a special diet please bring a supply)


Here are our prices:

Charge Type Rate
Daily charge for 1 rabbit per day / part day £6.00
Charge per additional rabbit sharing same pen per day/part day £3.00
Peak Supplement (applies Sat-Mon on Bank Holiday weekends, plus Easter weekend, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day) per rabbit per day/part day £3.00
Greens supplement per rabbit per day/part day (for greens to be fed twice daily) 75p
Accompanied Veterinary Visits, drop off or collection (per visit) – this is to cover transport costs and staff time £10.00
Accomodation supplement (per day/part day) £1.00
Nail clipping (by experienced staff) £5.00
Special Care supplement (per day/part day)
Rate 1 (up to 5 minutes of staff time i.e. medication once a day)Rate 2 (over 5 minutes of staff time i.e. bum cleaning) £1.50/£3.00

Pictures of the bunny house:

Our standard pens for single bunnies & pairs are 6.5ft x 4ft  (pictured below)

We have two slighty larger pens for trios of bunnies that are 6.5ft x 5ft

Bunny boarding accomodationBunny Boarding Accomodation