Fundraising Assistant

Skills and experience required:

  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Enthusiastic and pro-active
  • Good IT skills
  • Creative; keen to try out new ideas
  • Good time management skills
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team

How this helps the SAA:

It costs the SAA over £400 per day to remain open and continue looking after the dogs, cats and rabbits in our care. To help us raise much needed funds, and promote our work to the local community, we use a range of fundraising strategies. These range from onsite fundraising events, to sponsorship programmes and corporate donations. We are looking to build a team of volunteer fundraisers who can work together to fulfil the charity’s fundraising strategy, and drive the organisation forward to ensure its continued financial survival.

Examples of what may be involved:

  • Working closely with the SAA fundraiser to come up with new fundraising strategies and ideas.
  • Administering existing fundraising programmes, such as our ‘sponsor a pen’ programme.
  • Communicating with our existing donors through a range of methods, to thank them for their support and encourage continued donations.
  • Working with other volunteers on the organisation of internal fundraising events and external collections.
  • Researching and preparing grant applications.
  • Promoting the work of the SAA through the press, social media, e-newsletters and other means.
  • Encouraging the engagement and support of local businesses and community groups

Time commitment required:

Flexible; we ask for a minimum commitment of one day (7 hours) per fortnight, any day of the week. Some work, such as online research may be done from home.

How will we support you:

Your contact will be the SAA fundraiser, who will provide you with day to day support, information, guidance and direction. You will receive an induction into the charity, to ensure you are knowledgeable about the work we do. You will also be introduced to other volunteers and staff, so you can work together to make fundraising successful.

What you can gain from volunteering with the SAA:

  • New experiences and knowledge
  • Meeting and working with new people
  • Develop existing skills or gain new skills
  • The experience of using your skills and abilities to raise funds for the SAA, supporting the animals in our care.