Donated Goods Sorter

Skills and experience required:

  • Enthusiastic and pro-active
  • Good organisational skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Some knowledge of the value of items (e.g. fashion brands) is advantageous but not essential.

How this helps the SAA:

It costs the SAA over £400 per day to remain open and continue looking after the dogs, cats and rabbits in our care. To help us raise much needed funds, and promote our work to the local community, we sell donated items such as clothes, DVDs and books through a range of methods, including jumble sales, auction houses, and online.

What does this role involve?

Items are donated to the SAA on a daily basis. You will need to sort donated items, identifying items to be sold as jumble, online or in auctions, and sifting out any items (such as electronic goods or broken items) which cannot be sold and must be thrown away. We get large quantities of food donated so need help keeping the food room organised and date rotated, as well as putting in the new donations. Food not suitable for use at the rescue is donated (where safe to do so) to other places that may be able to use it so keeping that organised is also important.

We have a selling account on Instragram (@saacuriosities) that we are looking to grow and expand so if you would like to help with that please get in touch!

Time commitment required:

Timing can be flexible depending on what you are doing on site, this can be arranged with staff.

Some volunteers help multiple days, some once a week and some once a month. All we ask is that once you confirm your availability and that commitment, to enable us to ensure the rota is adequately filled. We can be flexible and accommodate shift workers who may have differing days off each week.

It is vital that volunteers turn up regularly, notifying the SAA in advance of any absence. Failure to turn up may have a negative impact on the care and welfare of the charity’s animals, and repeated absences will result in you being asked to leave.

How will we support you:

Your contact will be our fundraiser, who will provide you with day to day support, information, guidance and direction. You will receive an induction into the workings of the charity, to ensure you are familiar with our work and goals. You will be introduced to other volunteers who sort and sell donated goods on the SAA’s behalf, so you can work together to help the charity raise much needed funds.

What you can gain from volunteering with the SAA:

  • Meeting and working with new people
  • Develop existing knowledge or gain new knowledge
  • The experience of using your skills and abilities to raise funds for the SAA, supporting the animals in our care.