Rabbit Care Assistant

Skills and experience required

Enthusiastic and pro-active – Reliable – Willingness to get stuck in – Ability to work independently and as part of a team – Passion for Rabbits and interest in Rabbit welfare

How this helps the SAA

Rabbit assistants work to ensure our Rabbits have a healthy and happy environment whilst in our care. We rely on volunteers to help ensure we keep cleanliness levels high so that we can keep all the rabbits as safe as possible. Many rabbits find being in a rescue a bit stressful so having people in to talk to them, play with them and show them some love is really beneficial.

What does this role involve?

Morning role: (9:30am until 12.30)

  • Cleaning out the pens;
  • emptying litter trays, wiping down the floor and walls
  • Ensuring the Rabbits are fed and watered
  • Keeping the inside and outside of the Rabbit units clean and tidy
  • Ensuring supplies of cleaning equipment, food etc are kept stocked up
  • Socialising with the Rabbits; stroking them, keeping them company
  • Regularly weighing the rabbits
  • Observing the Rabbits behaviour and reporting any changes or concerns to SAA staff.

*Please be aware this role can involve a lot of bending and may not be suitable for people with back or knee problems.

Afternoon role: (core hours are usually 1:30pm until 4.30pm)

  • Ensuring supplies of cleaning equipment, food etc are kept stocked up
  • Socialising with the Rabbits; stroking them, keeping them company – Bunnies need company, some are confident when they arrive and enjoy a fuss, some are scared and need time to get used to people. Some have company of another bunny but others are alone and need some human company.
  • Making toys for the rabbits.
  • Making sure pens are ready for incoming rabbits/boarders
  • Observing the Rabbits behaviour and reporting any changes or concerns to SAA staff
  • Grooming if appropriate (under guidance of the animal care staff)

Time commitment required?

Timing can be flexible depending on what you are doing on site, this can be arranged with staff.

Some volunteers help multiple days, some once a week and some once a month. All we ask is that once you confirm your availability and that commitment, to enable us to ensure the rota is adequately filled. We can be flexible and accommodate shift workers who may have differing days off each week.

It is vital that volunteers turn up regularly, notifying the SAA in advance of any absence. Failure to turn up may have a negative impact on the care and welfare of the charity’s animals, and repeated absences will result in you being asked to leave.

Age Requirements

All volunteers at the rescue need to be aged 16 or over (under 18s will need a consent form filled out by a parent/guardian).

Unfortunately, at this time we can’t take in any bronze Duke of Edinburgh participants due to the short time period of the placement.

How will we support you?

Your contact will be the animal care staff, who will provide you with support, information, guidance and direction. You will receive an induction into the workings of the charity and the Rabbit unit, to ensure you are familiar with our cleaning and feeding practices and policies. You will be introduced to other volunteers who also care for the Rabbits, although there may be times when you are working on your own.

What you can gain from volunteering with the SAA?

  • Meeting and working with new people
  • Develop existing knowledge or gain new knowledge
  • The experience of using your skills and abilities to help in an animal rescue situation.
  • Spending time with rescue animals and helping to improve their lives.

Please note, depending on the current number of volunteers, we may not have spaces available on the specific day/hour requested. In these circumstances, your name will be put on a waiting list and we will contact if you if a space becomes available.