Meet a volunteer: Megan Buckley

Megan is one of weekly volunteers and has been helping care for the animals here for alMegan Buckleymost a year now. Megan is always willing to help out where necessary and has become one of our reliable event volunteers.

I had previously heard about volunteering from my Aunt Pauline who also used to volunteer at the rescue. I really like animals so she suggested I might enjoy the work here, helping to care for them. I also thought I could gain some animal care experience at the same time.

I help on a Monday with cats in our rehoming cnetre and on a Tuesday I help with rabbits. After a few months I also started helping on event days and with fundraising, as this is so importnat to be able to crae for all of the animals that come here. My hours at the rescue are flexible for their needs and mine, as I can fit it around my studies at college.

I have to say I prefer cats in a way, as they like lots of attention and usually respond to a friendly voice and lots of fuss! I have also grown to really like the fundraising events as they are usually busy but fun and friendly, where I can meet lots of new people.

That is another great thing about volunteering here, I have made lots of new friends and have learnt a lot about team work and mucking in when you are needed! The SAA is such a friendly place and as it situated by the canal away from the main roads, it feels safe and secluded and is certainly a peaceful environment.


If you are interested in volunteering with us at the SAA, visit our volunteers page