Temperature’s Rising!

We are looking at some extremely hot weather in July so it’s best to make sure you have a plan to keep your pets cool, happy and healthy! Check out these infographics for some top tips.

Cats – Make sure your cat has access to cool and shady areas that have ventilation. Fans can help with this (do not point directly at them though) and making a cool flooring space via tiles, a wet towel or soil they can dig in definitely helps. Most importantly, make sure your cat has access to water at all times, Putting multiple water bowls around the house and outside often helps.

Rabbits – Rabbits do not tolerate heat well so you have to be especially cautious. They do not sweat/pant so can’t regulate their body temperature. Keep their living environment as cool as possible – add shade, cool flooring, frozen water bottles wrapped in a cloth, fans (not directly pointed at them) and ventilation and keep out of direct sunlight during the hotter parts of the day. Rabbit ears, esp white buns, can sunburn easily so keep them in the shade as much as possible. Rabbit homes need to be kept as clean as possible as hot weather increases the risk of flystrike. Check your buns daily for this or talk to your vet about prevention such as rearguard. Signs of heat stress include fast, shallow breathing, open mouth breathing, being listless/lethargic, hot ears and wetness around the mouth/drooling. If you see those signs immediately get your bunny into a shady area and cool them down with cool flooring to lie on and rubbing water on their ears. Check in with your vet if concerned, it is better safe than sorry.

Dogs – Limit walking times to very early or later on and avoid the hottest parts of the day. Never leave in the car or trapped in a hot room. Make sure plenty of water is available. Keep an eye out for heat stress, esp in long furred dogs.

Wildlife – High temperatures can be tough for wildlife. Putting out shallow bowls of water is a kind way to help out any critters that pass through your garden.