Sick kittens in need

Matilda and her kittens joined us recently at the rescue. Unfortunately they are unwell and we are working hard to give them the best shot.

Mom was a feral before ending up in rescue and often ferals carry a variety of illnesses that tend to show up under times of stress. Her, and the kittens, spent the day with our vets undertaking tests and getting close care and then headed off to staff member Jo’s house for foster. The kittens have been temporarily taken away from mom so she can get better without passing anything on to the babies so they will be handreared until ready to go back. This also means we can give enough food and fluids as they were struggling before. Lucky Jo gets to do syringe feeds every 2 hours! The kittens and their mom will need lots of care and attention to get them healthy again. We have set up a fundraiser to help cover their vet bills as treatment mom + 6 kittens adds up very quickly. Any help is greatly appreciated –