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Snowy and Fudge ♀♀ (Our ‘longest stay’ rabbits… since 2021!)

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Meet Snowy and Fudge!

Fudge is a little reserved at first but quite a friendly rabbit once she has got to know you – she loves a chin rub and a head scratch. Snowy is the more shy of the two sisters…when it comes to humans. This does not apply to her sister where she can be a right mardy bum at times! She makes us laugh with her antics, and while she might take a little time to warm up to you and will take affection on her terms, she never fails to raise a smile with her fluffy bossy paws. Neither of these little nibblers will ever say no to a tasty treat.

Snowy and Fudge are both 3 years old and could live as indoor or outdoor bunnies as long as the setup is correct. Both are energetic buns who will need a lot of space and stimulation to keep them occupied.

If you’re interested in adopting Snowy and Fudge please fill out an adopter interest form

Please note all viewings are appointment only and adoptions are subject to home checks.

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