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Brendan, Molly and Kitty ♂♀♀

What's my story?

Are you looking for a bonded, young, troublesome trio? Well look no further because Brendan, Molly and Kitty are on the look out for their new home!

Brendan and Kitty we have estimated to be about 6 months old; whereas, Molly (the black lop) is around 8 months old.

All three bunnies were abandoned in an opened indoor cage in the middle of a park and were running loose. Luckily a group of Good Samaritans spent hours trying to catch them and walked for miles to our sanctuary (in the rain!) where we took them in.

  • Molly is the boss of the three and will often tell the other two off with a cheeky nip here and there when they’re misbehaving. She has a very big personality.
  • Brendan is the harlequin bunny and has a close bond with Molly, you will often see them sat together or grooming each other.
  • Kitty is the harlequin X lionhead and is the ‘third wheel’ in the bond. She enjoys her food and enjoys throwing around her toys and can be seen grooming Molly sometimes.

Brendan, Molly and Kitty are looking for an indoor or outdoor home that’s at least 10X8ft. They could also be added to an already established group of bonded rabbits, which we would support you with, or you could even bond a singular rabbit into the group! Rabbits overall do better when they have other rabbit companions, so by adopting multiple it allows you to potentially see behaviour that you wouldn’t normally see in just a pair!

Potential owners need to be aware that when adopting more than one rabbit, they must always stay together. The Society of Abandoned Animals can support and provide information on how to keep your rabbits bond strong throughout their lifetime.

All viewing of animals are by appointment only.

All adoptions are subject to a home check and an adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting this throuple then please submit an adoption interest form. 


A few extra facts about me

I would like to be adopted with My bonded friends!

Have I passed a medical check up? Yes! We're all neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and had a health check.

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