Rabbit Care Day 2016

Rabbit Care Day 2016On 13th March, 12pm-4pm, we have our first event of the year, Rabbit Care Day. Come along for all the rabbit advice you will ever need. Thinking about getting a rabbit, come and look at the bunnies in our rehoming unit. Want to know what food they eat? Then please come along. Did you know that, contrary to what Bugs Bunny tells us, rabbits shouldn’t be eating lots of carrots? I didn’t, maybe you didn’t as well? We will be offering low cost microchipping and vaccinations plus a free rabbit health check to all our lagomorph friends. Please make an appointment prior to the event though. We will have a tombola, refreshments, a rabbit advice stall, pet presents and our charity barn will be open if you want to grab a bargain. We will also have a photographer onsite for those essential bunny portraits.