Healthy bunnies at Rabbit Care Day

By Nicola, Fundraiser

As an animal welfare charity we help hundreds of animals in need by giving them sanctuary and care at our rescue, then helping them to find a new loving, forever home. But it is not just the animals at our rescue that we aim to help. We also provide animal care services for the local community and last Sunday we held one of our annual Rabbit Care Days. This day is all about these fluffy, twitchy-nosed animals, who need much more specific care than a lot of people realise.

Rabbit Care Day 2015 - 71Rabbits have a very sensitive digestive system and need a balanced diet made up mostly of hay. A rabbit’s poo and the area under their tails can tell you a lot about their health, so we teach people what to look out for. It is important that owners regularly check their rabbit’s behind to look for any signs of ill health, or worse flystrike, a painful and potentially fatal infestation of the skin.

Twice a year we open our gates to local rabbit owners who can bring their bunnies in for a free health check, nail clipping and even bum washing for rabbits with poorly stomaches! We also offer vaccinations and microchipping at low prices so that people from all situations can give their rabbits the best care to keep them healthy and happy.

This event was no different. We met over 30 rabbits, healthchecked them all, vaccinated 19 of them and microchipped one. We also had our staff on hand to give rabbit care advice as well as a great selection of rabbit treats, diet and housing essentials.

We also raised over £1000 from our tombola, jumble sale, refreshments and pet presents, which will be used to help more rabbits in need and enable us to offer more animal care event such as this one.

Our next Rabbit Care Day will be in March 2016 so keep an eye out for the date on our website to get your bunny booked in!