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What's my story?

My name is Roberto and I am an FIP survivor. I am looking for my forever home and would like to share my story with you. On the 8th of March I was taken to an emergency vets, as I had been found in a member of the public’s garden limping. Upon examination It was found that I had a broken back leg. I underwent surgery to repair the breaks and had metal pins implanted to keep the bones in place, yes, now I am part terminator. The SAA offered to take me after my surgery, do rehab with me and eventually find me a home. After being on cage rest for a number of weeks, I was fully signed off from the vets, for my leg. Then one day the staff at the SAA noticed I was not being my normal self, normally I would be flying around my pen, meowing but today I was hunched over, not looking my finest. I was taken to the vets and after numerous tests it came back that I had dry FIP and it had started to attack my nervous system. The SAA staff were absolutely devastated and were determined that they wanted to treat it. Treatment for FIP is very new and before now unfortunately, the disease was a death sentence. Thankfully I had the SAA staff in my corner. I was very very poorly and had to spend a few days in intensive care at the vets. When I came home I underwent a strict 12 week medical programme. Throughout the 12 weeks I was a very good boy and took my medication like a trooper. Slowly but surely I started to return back to my normal self and I doubled in size! The vets even told the SAA staff that I needed to cut down on treats as I was getting a little tubby. After I finished my medication I underwent 12 weeks of observations to make sure I did not have a relapse, this included having blood test every 4 weeks. My observation period finishes the 26th of October, so I would be looking for a foster to adopt until I have finished my observation. ! So now you’ve read my story I will tell you about my future.

I am a one year old tabby, male. I am looking for a home with safe access to the outdoors, away from busy roads. I have so much energy and love to give that I would like to share it with someone that has the time for me. I love to play with toys and will show you how high I can jump after a feather. I would only be suitable for children over 15 years as I can get a little carried away with play. I need a home with an experienced cat owner, preferably that has knowledge about FIP, I have been signed off from the vets but I will need monitoring for the rest of my life.

If you are interested in adopting me please complete an adoption information form. Adoptions are subject to home checks.

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