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Molly and Muppet

What's my story?

Say a warm welcome to Molly and Muppet!

They are a pair of best friends who love each other very much and are often found snuggling in bed together. They were very much loved by their owner but unfortunately their owner became homeless and they had to come into our care to find a new home.

Muppet is a big ball of fluff and love! He is the first at the door meowing for his breakfast and loves everyone he meets, he is dopey, affectionate and happy all the time. He is a long haired, fluffy tabby male who is 8 years old. Molly is his best friend, she is a little bit timid and is finding life in the sanctuary very overwhelming and Muppet gives her much needed comfort and reassurance. She enjoys being stroked and is a friendly girl, never showing any aggression. She just startles easy and prefers to hide when overwhelmed. She is a beautiful tabby/torti colour and is 13 years old.

The ideal home for these 2 would be quiet and no dogs or children, their new owner should understand that it may take some time for Molly to feel safe and want to explore her new home and will take things at her pace. They may be able to live with other cats if they were calm and used to other cats. They are used to being able to go outside so would like a home with safe access to the outdoors once settled.

If you are interested in adopting Molly and Muppet please fill out our adoption interest form.

All visits are by appointment only and all adoptions are subject to home visit and adoption fee.

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