Adoption Spotlight – Penny!

Today the adoption spotlight is shining on our lovely Penny who came to us on 19th December 2023 and was adopted on 29th February 2024. Penny had previously been living on a local allotment which she’d called home for around 10 years. The allotment was being taken over by new owners who weren’t keen on cats so Penny was sadly evicted from the greenhouse where she’d taken up residence and brought to us by the concerned allotment members who’d loved and cared for her over the years. We spoke to her new owner to see how she’s settling in in her forever home…
“She hid under the bed for the first 2 weeks, every household noise, toilet flushing, kitchen pots clanking, radio etc freaked her out. Gradually she gained confidence. I kept her in, but she ‘escaped’ after 6 weeks when back door blew open. She was gone for 7 hours and I thought I’d lost her. But she did return, think she was just getting her bearings. Three months down the line she is one of the family. She loves the outside, as we expected, but only goes out for short periods. She loves her cat tower, catnip mice and looking out of the window. She is so affectionate, never once has she hissed or scratched, and loves to sit on my knee. She adores a brush…. never know a cat like this! I get handfuls of fluff off her, which helps prevent fur balls. She’s gone from semi feral to princess puss in 3 months! She’s my best pal!”
We’re delighted to hear about Penny’s happy ending and wish her and her new family all the best!