Adoption spotlight – Pebbles! (formerly Dawson)


Our happy ending adoption spotlight for today is Pebbles (was Dawson) who came to the shelter in July 2023. After 7 months at the shelter he was taken home on a trial foster with a view to adopting and he was officially adopted on 6th April. We spoke to his adopter Alyvia who tells us about her experience of the bunny bonding process and welcoming a new four-pawed member into her home!

“I first brought Dawson home on the 26th February 2024, and introduced him to my lone lionhead rabbit Taylor. I welcomed him in a neutral area and I did the 24 hour bonding method where both bunnies were constantly together and never separated. At first sight of meeting each other, they were very curious and interested. My bunny welcomed him very positively and they were gentle and very interested in each other. As soon as my bunny stared licking him on the head and flopping next to him, I was very happy to have found the perfect friend for her. They took to each other instantly and as the days went on they were seen cuddling, grooming each other, eating together, taking treats side by side and enjoying each others company. He’s since been welcomed with many toys and enrichment, getting treated with positive reinforcement, fresh veggies and lots of love!

As the week went on they bonded more and as of over a month later they are best buddies. I am very happy on how successful and positive the bonding went and I’m very lucky he was at the rescue waiting for me. I officially adopted him on the 6th April 2024, changing his name from Dawson to Pebbles, to be at his forever home”.

Congratulations to both Pebbles and Alyvia!

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