30 take on the Manchester 10k for animals

Waiting to run!By Nicola, Fundraiser

Last Sunday 10th May, 30 people took the 10k challenge for animals in the Manchester Great run.

I joined the runners before the race to take photos and give them a cheer onwards for their challenge. Approaching the meeting point I passed people wearing running t-shirts and vests in all different colours, representing all different types of charities. To see such a huge display of care and compassion was heartwarming and made me feel very proud to be there to support our runners, who as well as training hard to prepare for their challenge, had also worked hard to raise funds for animals in need.

Together they raised over £3500, with more money coming in. This is an amazing amount which will help cover vet fees for one month, helping animals be happy and healthy before moving on to their new forever homes.

It was great to see so many people representing the SAA in their new green t-shirts, the most number of supporters we have had in an event like this ever. As well as our fantastic individual supporters, we were lucky to be supported by two groups, a team of seven from We Let Properties and a team of 21 from Trafford Council.

Our trustee Barry, was overwhelmed with the response to his fundraising appeal, with an original target of £200 he ended up raising £800 – a great achievement which will go a long way to help animals at the rescue.

I have myself been inspired to take on a running challenge next year and hope others will be too. Knowing that your efforts can help a malnourished cat become healthy again or an unwanted rabbit be bonded with a bunny companion in her new home, makes the hard work all worth it.

Thank you again to everyone who ran for the animals at the SAA!

Why not sign up for next year’s run or take part in another challenge event this year? Here are a few to choose from!

The Color Run, July 5th, Manchester http://www.thecolorrun.co.uk/Manchester
Big Fun Run, 23rd August, Manchester https://www.bigfunrun.com/manchester
Great Run 10k, (2016) Manchester https://www.greatrun.org/great-manchester-run