Temporary closure for redevelopment works

As you know, since 1994, SAA has been based at the final home of our wonderful founder, Peggy Henderson, ‘Mosley Acre Farm’.
It is a wonderful, peaceful setting on the banks of the canal and conveniently located between Sale and Stretford, with easy access from all parts of Manchester.
Most of you will have visited the Sanctuary and seen numerous changes over the years-most recently our gorgeous new cat centre. However, in recent times, as things have become more challenging financially with decreased revenues, our focus on ensuring our animals had the best possible care has meant that our beautiful home has not had the work done that it required, as we simply could not afford it.
As a result, it saddens us to say the site is currently not just unkempt or tired but it is, in parts, becoming unusable, with numerous buildings which aren’t accessible and rubbish/debris, as well as some structures containing hazardous building material, such as asbestos, on site.
However, we are now in a position to undertake all the work which has been left undone for so long. We believe that these improvements will ensure the Sanctuary is able to continue helping lost, unwanted and abandoned animals far into the future, by ensuring the site is fit for purpose and can generate some income which we desperately need to fund our work.
Whilst this is an opportunity, and one which we believe is long overdue, having consulted extensively with building specialists about what is needed, even the most pressing work is extremely extensive, involving the demolition of a number of buildings, removal of parts of others with recladding and re roofing as well.
In light of this, it was  confirmed to us by construction professionals that the level of work required and, in particular, the disruption to asbestos as it is removed means that it is not viable for staff and volunteers to be on site during the works.
As a result, the Sanctuary closed on the 18th October 2020 and we envisage the work will take 9 to 12 months to complete.
We know this will come as a surprise to many of you. However, having carefully reflected at length both individually and as a Board, and having discussed every option we could think of, we arrived at the conclusion that, to ensure the future of SAA, this decision simply had to be made and we hope you will agree this is for the best.
This has not been an easy decision or one which has been taken lightly but we believe it will secure the future of the Sanctuary and that there is no other way forward. It will enable us to provide a modern, well run animal shelter, which is also in a position to use its physical resources to generate some additional income.