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What's my story?

I was originally brought to the sanctuary after being handed in to a vets as a stray. I have been adopted twice now but I didn’t get on with the existing bunnies so here I am again hoping for 3rd time lucky.  I am a very nosey and lively rabbit who loves to play with toys.  I am happier outdoors in the bunny runs here at the sanctuary so if I am a house bunny it would be nice to have some outdoor time.

Unfortunately my last rehoming didn’t work out as I have a rather large personality and was a bit naughty in the house – excellent bunny proofing is required if I am to be a house rabbit.

Although we wouldn’t usually rehome single outdoor bunnies, in Paiges case she is happier outdoors and doesn’t tolerate other bunnies in her personal space so we would consider an outdoor home if the space was suitable such as shed and run or an aviary type setup.  She isn’t bothered by seeing the other bunnies in the runs next to her so if you have other outdoor bunnies that she can live next to (but not in direct contact with) that would be fine.

This is a special case and we will not rehome any other bunnies to be single outdoor bunnies as they are a social species and usually need company.

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