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What's my story?

Flopsy & Mopsy were part of a surprise litter! Unfortunately not long after arriving it became apparent that they were carrying a nasty bug and were quite ill.  With treatment they have recovered well and are now looking for new homes.  They are incredibly fluffy rabbits so will need someone prepared to spend a lot of time grooming as their fluffy skirts act like brushes, sweeping up and catching lots of hay and debris and their manes get quite tangled.  They are quite nosey and love to do meerkat impressions trying to sneak a peek at what you are up to.  They have recently been spending some time in the outdoor runs and although they were unsure at first they have really started to enjoy it.

Flopsy and Mopsy are at increased risk of flystrike so will need owners who are able to keep a close eye on them and keep them either indoors (on an easy to clean floor) or in a shed setup rather than a hutch and run.


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