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Bella and Daisy ♀♀

What's my story?

Meet Bella and Daisy!

Bella and Daisy are a pair of 1.5 year old sisters but their personalities hugely differ from each other!

Bella is the calmer one of the pair who loves to chill out; she loves to take it easy and enjoys a fuss. She is slow and steady, which is mostly seen when she is eating, so needs to be kept an eye on to make sure her sister isn’t stealing all of her food.

Daisy is the naughtier one of the pair – she has a cheeky attitude and loves to be causing trouble. She is not keen on a fuss as much as her sister is but she does love to give a bit of a nibble if she is feeling left out. If you sit with her she’ll happily climb all over you. Daisy is a big foodie so needs to be stopped from gobbling everything before Bella gets a share.

Bella and Daisy can go to either an indoor or outdoor home, as long as the setup is correct for them.

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