Meet a volunteer: Dan Pogson

Dan volunteered at the SAA for over two years. He became one of the most hardworking and knowledgeable volunteers onsite; ask him where anything was and he could tell you! Dan has now moved on to complete a full-time apprenticeship at a dog boarding centre and we wish him the best of luck.

about us SAAMy name is Dan and I have been volunteering at the SAA for over two years. I joined as a volunteer helping in the cat homing units and then progressed to helping wherever needed, which was everywhere!

I was recruited by Heather, another of our long term SAA volunteers, and as my confidence grew I began to work in all animal areas. As well as working with cats, dogs and feral cats I also helped with fundraising activities on and off site.

I enjoyed working at the rescue, finding the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and the new experiences rewarding. I was also impressed by the professional techniques used in rehoming animals and the special care taken to find the right home for each individual.

During my time, I feel I gained many new exciting experiences, new skills and lots of friends. Some of the highlights of working at the rescue have been dealing with unusual animals that turn up from time to time, such as a rooster and ferrets! I also enjoyed helping out at the Family Pet Show which is held at Event City and all the fun and laughs we had at events at the rescue. I loved working with all the animals on site, including the ponies that are stabled onsite from time to time.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who I have worked with. A big thank you to the staff for the support and development they have given me. Also to Heather who has been a great help and friend, supporting me and keeping me motivated.

Although I am sorry to be leaving and will miss everyone, I am looking forward to meeting the new challenges I will face in my new job.

We will miss Dan, especially his outgoing personality, but we are happy for him and wish him every success in his new job. Thank you Dan and good luck! x