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Seven ♂️ (reserved)

What's my story?

Seven has a very special story and needs a special home. Seven’s original owners took him to the vets as he was not very well. They unfortunately could not afford his vets bill and they had to sign him over to the vets. Seven unfortunately had a blocked urinary tract and he had medication to unblock this. The SAA took Seven on from the vets after he was signed off. He came to us on cystaid which helps him to wee. The SAA put Seven up for adoption and he was snapped up instantly. Unfortunately, Seven got a blocked urinary tract again in his new home and he was unfortunately signed back over to us. Seven was very poorly when he signed back over to us and we were not sure if he was going to make it. As he kept getting a blocked urinary tract the vets advised it would be a good idea to have an operation on Seven’s urinary tract. The SAA agreed that surgery was the best way as we were devastated every time Seven got poorly. Seven had a Perineal Urethrostomy, which created a new urinary opening. The operation meant that he will no longer get a blocked urinary tract. He does sometimes get urinary infection and cystitis, so will need regularly checking and will need anti-inflammatories and antibiotics if this occurs. Stress and changes to his environment can bring on the infections and cystitis. He will need to be on cystaid for the rest of his life.

Seven has spent the last few months in a foster home recovering and is now ready to be adopted. Seven is the sweetest guy that absolutely loves attention, he will always come over for a cuddle. Despite his name being Seven he is actually 5 years old. Seven will need experienced cat owners and he will need a calm home as stress is normally what brings on his urine infections and cystitis. He will need a home that will allow him safe access to the outdoors. He would be okay with older children as younger children may bring on his stress. Seven can be rehomed with female cats but does not get on with male cats.

If you are interested in adopting Seven please fill out an adoption information form. Adoptions are subject to home checks.

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