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Ranger, Rascal, Rocco and Rufus

What's my story?

Introducing our lovely R litter. Mum Ruby was a stray who arrived in our care heavily pregnant, she has been a wonderful mum and took brilliant care of her 4 boys and she has a new home lined up so it is time to find her kittens their forever homes!

Rufus is the most confident kitten in the litter, he is a mini replica of his mum in terms of both personality and appearance! He is affectionate, confident, out going and always finding new ways to entertain himself! He is definitely the ring leader of the group and loves to do dramatic flips in the air when playing with dangly toys!

Rascal is also a fairly confident kitten although not quite as mischievous as Rufus! He enjoys strokes and loves playtime. He enjoys climbing and will often be found sat on the top of a scratching post observing everything. You can spot rascal by his impressive mustache!

Ranger is a big fluff ball! He is the only long haired kitten in the litter and will need regular brushing to help maintain his beautiful long fur! He also has crazy eyebrow whiskers which seem to have a mind of their own. He is a little shy around people but warms up quickly if there are toys involved!

Rocco is the only black kitten in the litter and he is definitely a very handsome little boy! Rocco is very shy at first and can be hand shy but as soon as a dangly toy appears he comes to life! He is full of energy and very playful and loves sharing toys and playfighting with his brothers.

We would like these lovely boys to be adopted in 2 pairs. To help them settle into their new homes we would like each of the more confident kittens (Rufus and Rascal) to be rehomed with one of the more nervous ones (Rocco and Ranger). They could live in a home with other friendly cats and potentially a very calm and cat savvy-dog. A quieter home is preferred where any children are calm, cat-savvy and teenagers or older.

The kittens were born 22/02/2024 so are currently 12 weeks old. They are vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. They will need homes where they can safely go outdoors when they’re bigger, away from any busy roads. All visits are by appointment only and all adoptions are subject to home visit and adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting a pair of kittens from us please fill in  an adoption interest form

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