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Pudding ♀

What's my story?

Meet Pudding!

Pudding is a special 7 year old girl that needs a special home. She came in to us last year after her owners gave her up and she was in a bit of a state. Pudding is a lovely cat – she’s extrememly friendly, loves attention and is very chatty. She is a needy girl and can get a bit worked up when left alone for long periods. This stress causes her to overgroom which can lead to skin irritation. Pudding was rehomed but unfortunately her adopters were not able to handle her needs so she is back with us again.

Pudding will need an indoor home where she will get plenty of reassurance, love and attention. She needs someone with patience who is able to work with her and deal with her anxiety. Pudding may benefit from other cats in the home and would be fine with cat savvy children.

History – Pudding was brought to us as her original owners were unable to care for her.


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