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What's my story?

5year old Mushy was adopted as a kitten but has recently come back to the sanctuary due to a relationship breakdown.  He has spent some time in foster and his foster mum says …..

Mushy is really playful, and we even got him to play fetch with a toy a few times! He’s also a fan of feathers on strings, and running from across the room to slide through the tunnel to get them. He preferred to sleep under my bed rather than on it most of the time, and prefers to sit across the room or on the back of the sofa nearby rather than on your lap (though he does come and knead your thighs for a while). He’s very affectionate once he trusts you, and loves having his face rubbed. He will try to get the food off your plate, so new owners will need to be careful there! He also likes to talk to you.

He is jumpy around sudden noises and can suddenly go from being confident and affectionate to really nervous so he wouldn’t cope well with kids or other animals

Unfortunately Mushy is prone to cystitis and is on a special diet to help manage it.

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