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Muddy & Mia

What's my story?

** Indoor cats **

5yr old Muddy and Mia came to us when their owner couldn’t cope with them anymore. Muddy had a long history of gastrointestinal issues which the owner couldn’t resolve.

After numerous faecal tests, blood tests and an ultrasound scan we finally discovered that despite his relatively young age Muddy has kidney disease.  We started him on a renal diet and his issues resolved almost straight away. Mia is currently on a sensitivity diet as she also had some minor issues but she is coping well.

Mia is very freindly but Muddy lacks confidence and can be a bit hissy he likes a fuss but he is not a cuddly cat (despite his teddy bear appearance) and he really hates being picked up! They wouldn’t cope well in a home with children or other pets.

They have always been indoor cats but they must have sufficient space. A one bedroom flat wo’nt be enough for them. Especially as Muddy is quite overweight and needs to get some exercise.

They wouldn’t cope well in a home with children or other pets.



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