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What's my story?

Ginge is a very loving boy who’s owner died.  We are not sure on his age but his condition would suggest he is probably a teenager.  He had very rotten teeth and infected gums and has had to have all but one tooth removed.  He still has sore gums but we are hoping that will improve over time as he recovers.  He also has some back/hip pain so is on long term anti-inflammatory medication.  Despite coming in with two other cats they didn’t really get along so he will be looking for a home without cats and he really doesn’t like dogs either so he needs to be in a home as an only pet.

Ginge spent some time in foster care and this is what his foster mum had to say about him

Ginge is a truly sweet little guy who is so appreciative of company and cuddles. He loves nothing more than getting attention as soon as you come through the door, whether its being picked up and carried around the house like a baby or getting some forehead kisses. His age does show when it comes to play but he does have some comical crazy moments when the carrot teaser comes out. 

Although he loves company, he also likes to have a little “me” time and has found his favourite spot to be behind the wardrobe where you can often hear him snoring. 

Ginge has so much personality and it has been endearing learning all about him and his special little traits.


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