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Gary ♂

What's my story?

Meet Gary!

Gary is a 10 year old boy with a lot of love to give. He enjoys the simpler things in life such as the comfort of his own bed and a nice warm blanket. Since Gary has joined the rescue, we discovered that he has had some issues with his kidneys due to urinary crystals but this has been managed well by a urinary diet. Due to Gary’s history, he wasn’t in great shape when he came in but he is on the mend and just enjoying all the fusses and attention he has been getting.

Gary would like a home with safe, outdoor access, preferably via a cat flap due to his history. He would prefer to be the only animal in the home so that he can have a nice, quiet retirement but he could live with cat savvy children if they respect his boundaries and personal space.

History: Gary was brought to us after he was neglected by his previous owner. He was left outside to fend for himself until a lovely rescuer encouraged the owner to surrender him to a sanctuary.

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