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Eileen and Timothy

What's my story?

Meet iconic duo, Eileen Meowsers and Timothy Toebeans!

Eileen and Timothy are very much the odd couple. Tabby Timothy is 10 months old, while black and white Eileen is a mature lady at 9 years old. They sadly came into our care as their owner was terminally ill.

Timothy is a sweet, loving boy, he loves a good fuss and is always happy to see you. He also likes to wind up his older sister by sniffing her bum when she’s eating. But don’t worry, she puts him in his place.

Eileen is loveably cantankerous. She likes her personal space but does enjoy a little back stroke and rubbing her head on you for fuss…however you may get a little cat slap if you don’t respect her boundaries. We hope she will continue to trust and enjoy affection, however as she is a bit of a grumpuss, she’d be best suited to a cat-experienced household. Eileen would have you believe that she isn’t fond of her annoying baby brother, but we regularly find them curled up in the same little bed together.

Adopting Timothy and Eileen will be a rewarding experience for the right owners and will be a lovely opportunity to rehome an unconventional pair who might not necessarily find it easy to find a new home together.  It presents the unique opportunity to get the best of both worlds by adopting both a young, cuddly playful cat and an older, endearingly crotchety cat. Eileen and Timothy would be best suited to a child free home with no other cats or dogs. They will need safe access to the outdoors away from busy roads once settled into their new home

If you think you could be that special someone to give a home to Eileen and Timothy from us please fill in an adoption interest form.

All visits are by appointment only and all adoptions are subject to home visit and adoption fee.

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