Happy New Year

🎉Bye to 2020- Happy New Year!🤩Happy New Year to you all!🤩
Well… We have made it to the end of a tough year! 🐱🐰
Whilst it has been, without doubt, challenging, we hope you are all able to look back with some happiness😻 and, like this little robin, still be singing (behind the masks of course!)!😷
For us, it has been a worrying and difficult year at times but we have been overwhelmed with the amazing support of all our friends, especially during the first lockdown where we had vans of food, toys, bedding and other essentials arriving every single day, despite many people having worries about their own income, families and health, which we are forever thankful for and the wonderful messages of kindness brought many a tear to our eyes 👁
We also said goodbye with great thanks to three of our trustees who had dedicated many years of hard work to the Sanctuary but they will all be continuing to support and help the charity as we move forward to 2021 which is a testament to how close SAA is to all our hearts and how unforgettable it is 😺
We realised this year too that, sadly, the SAA could not continue without major redevelopment on almost every building on the Sanctuary site. This was not an easy decision and meant some more tearful goodbyes, some temporary and some possibly permanent, but we are very thankful that everyone understood our closure was much needed and the work long overdue. The renovation is going incredibly well and our amazing builders are working as quickly as possible to get us in a position to reopen ASAP so we can help even more animals in need 🏗
We are looking forward very excitedly to our reopening in 2021 and feel confident the future is bright for SAA … But we do desperately need everyone’s continued support to enable us to continue our work🙏
If you are able, please do donate and, if not, please continue to like and share our posts and attend our events when this is possible again 🤩
We wish everyone the very happiest 2021 and cannot wait to see you all soon. Sending loads of love and strength from us to you all